Navigating Change: Building a Resilient Team


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This month we’re diving into Navigating Change in the workplace. This is a tough topic for companies, and honestly, pretty much all humans in general.

Let’s start this month getting clear on one thing: Your ability to have any success navigating change as a human being is almost 100% solely based on your mindset about it.

The first, most important piece of navigating change effectively is taking responsibility and accountability around how you are reacting and responding to change when it happens.

Change is constant. Embrace it, move forward and adapt, or die.

Change is inevitable and constant, it will arrive again and again whether you want it to or not.

Fear of the unknown and wanting to cling to what feels comfortable both contribute to making change so hard for humans.

The three things we want you to get on board with before Week 2:

  1. Welcoming change is a key component to having a growth mindset. A growth mindset says “Yeah, change will come, and when it does it won’t derail us, it will cause us to learn and grow and we’re cool with that because we believe those things are possible.”

  2. Change is a guarantee. Your own narrative about change, whether you see it as positive or negative, is what makes it either a manageable/good experience, or a torturous hell.

  3. An openness to change gives teams a collective resilience that allows them to move forward more cohesively and effectively through growth and challenges. When teams embrace change they are more agile and adaptable, willing to take risks, and accept a challenge rather than back away from it.

A team that welcomes and accepts change is a team that thrives, adapts, and grows together under almost any circumstances. Also true for you as an individual throughout your entire personal and professional life.

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