Like It Is | EP 1: Driving Culture

How do you actually get people to adhere to, and drive a culture within an organization?

The answer is that you need to be able to walk up to any person in the company; a manager, the CEO, the janitor, and ask them "What is our culture and what is expected of you in the way you show up every day and contribute to this team?" Every person across the board better be able to answer by basically all saying the same thing. If they can't, your culture is not defined. It's not clear, you aren't living it, supporting it, creating traditions around it, and making it part of your DNA and common language.

The next question you need to follow up with is "If you don't show up that way, can you lose your job because of it?" And every person better answer yes to that question. To truly drive culture in an organization it needs to be defined and present, and it needs to be understood that it is not optional to buy into it.

If your culture is not clearly defined and understood, and there are no consequences to acting out of alignment with it (aka someone can show up every day like an asshole and keep their job) then you have no chance of getting buy in or successfully driving culture in your teams. Check out our post about Creating A Culture That Kicks Ass for a step by step guide to creating a defined, awesome culture.