Announcing the First Ever Shift Yes Conference!

Over the course of our work here at Shift Yes, we started noticing a trend happening around us. The big corporate brands suddenly weren’t the only people who were interested in investing in their teams. Teams of all sizes started branching out, asking if Galen could come in and work with them. 

Now don’t get us wrong—this kind of newfound enthusiasm was awesome, and you bet Galen wanted to fly cross-country and work with every single one of them. We quickly realized, however, that the reality of it is that most small companies just don’t have the budgets to bring in speakers because it’s just not feasible for them. 

Every company cares about their people, not just the big brands. We believe that if you have a small company and don’t have an unlimited budget, you still deserve access to high-level team development and training. 


One of the driving forces behind how we approach our work is our commitment to finding a way to make something possible; to be solution-oriented and look for any way possible to say ‘yes’. 


So we decided to think bigger.

Let’s say yes to everyone and bring them all together under one roof. Let’s give every team an opportunity to experience the whole, great big shebang and the full meal deal of Galen’s work. 

We reached out to our network and past clients to see if they’d be interested in an event like this.

The response? A resounding “YES”.


We put our heads together and worked hard to create some amazing new content to share with everyone, got a venue booked, and bam.

And thus the 2017 Shift Yes Conference in Bellingham, WA was born.


No matter the size of your team or experience level, if you’re interested in gaining the skills you need to become more successful at leading teams—this conference is for you. Come as an individual or bring your whole team to learn how to take the improv concept of “Yes, And” to strengthen communication, heighten leadership, and drive a team culture of high-level performance and engagement. We’ll also pass on valuable resources on how to keep the conversation going outside the conference, aka how to implement the lessons you learn to create the kind of work culture that actually lasts. 

Come see for yourself just what can happen once you’ve established the kind of collaborative team environment where people strive to make each other look good and take responsibility for how they show up every day.

We’re so incredibly excited to be hosting this event. This is a huge deal for us, and we’re hoping to make it the first of many great events to come. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and are already 50% sold out! Head over here to buy your tickets now, or contact email for more information on special discount group rates for parties of 10 or more.

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