Conference & Event Keynotes

Galen’s captivating keynotes and breakout sessions engage audiences with profound, interactive exercises. Through skill-building activities, participants learn how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to improve communication, leadership, engagement, performance, and team culture.

This was by far the best session I have ever attended at any conference. Never seen a speaker connect with an audience quite like Galen. I left feeling empowered and excited to use these tools in my work and life. Thank you for opening up my eyes Galen, it was fabulous!
— ASAE Annual National Conference Attendee

Keynotes & Breakout Session Topics

1. Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement

Galen's highly-interactive signature keynote teaches teams and organizations how to apply the core tenets of improv to skyrocket communication, leadership, self awareness, and emotional intelligence. Through skill-building exercises, participants come away with actionable tools to drive an intentional culture and be more effective team members and leaders through the five core tenets of improv; Saying Yes, Listening & Being Present, Making Others Look Good, Embracing Change, and Choosing Positivity. The concepts are universal and the activities are simple, relatable, and high-energy. No one gets called up on stage or put on the spot. It is equally impactful and profound for introverts, extroverts, and audiences of all industries, personality types, and backgrounds.  

2. Navigating Conflict or Delivering a 'No' Using the Tools of "Yes, And"

One of the biggest challenges that we face in business and as humans is how to effectively deliver a 'no' and navigate conflict. These are amplified in business where taking the wrong approach can destroy engagement, morale, creativity, and even your personal reputation. In this session Galen teaches how to successfully navigate the art of delivering a 'no' and navigating conflict, providing a concise set of tools and framework. Learn how to take a collaborative, strategic approach that puts the relationship first, focuses on a solution, and feels authentic and supportive without crushing employee and team morale.

Attendees come away from Galen's sessions energized and excited to put these valuable new tools and skills to practice, changing the way they interact with everyone in their business and personal lives. Book Galen now and experience why many Fortune 500 companies and conferences bring him back again and again.


As a result of Galen’s keynote your audience will:

  • Understand how to communicate and influence others with the tools of “Yes, And.”

  • Learn to be present, connected, and fully engaged in their communications.

  • Embrace a collaborative team culture of support and strive to make others look good.

  • Adapt positively to change, be receptive to new ideas, and navigate conflict more easily.

  • Take responsibility for the way they show up and contribute every day.