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August ‘19 Focus:
Diversity & Inclusion

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Week 1
Diversity & Inclusion: What If I Say The Wrong Thing?

A super important topic that impacts all of us. This week: “What if I say the wrong thing?”, barriers, blind spots, and why a privileged, white dude (me) cares so much about companies doing this work.

For a written version of the video, CLICK HERE to check out the blog.

Week 2:
Representation & Inclusion in the Workplace

1) The business case for representation. 
2) Inclusivity drives performance.

If this isn’t on your team’s radar, you’re missing the boat around retention and individual performance. Big time.

For a written version of the video, CLICK HERE to check out the blog.

Week 3:
How Unconscious Bias Impacts Teams & Business

Unconscious bias often causes bad business decisions and squashes morale.

This week we're talking about a few ways it shows up in organizations, and what teams & individuals can do about it.

For a written version of the video, CLICK HERE to check out the blog.

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