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“Your work is so impactful, how do we keep this going?” is the #1 question Galen hears from teams and organizations he works with.

One of the hardest parts of maintaining excellent team culture and leadership is keeping things top of mind as people return to their ‘regular’ work. Sustaining a shift in mindset and behavior requires intention and consistency. We know many teams don't have the time or resources to address this on a regular basis. Many have asked, here’s our answer: #shiftyestribe delivers quick, high-level content for your team, and it’s FREE.

July ‘19 Focus:
Heavy Hitters

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Week 1
Stop Being So Precious About Time Off

Reality check: the most important thing in your employee's lives is not to work for your company. If you want to keep them productive and happy and retain them, then let them have time off when they ask for it. Find a way to make up the work before or after they return and make sure nothing gets missed. This pays dividends, employees who feel cared about as humans will return the favor in effort and productivity.

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Week 2
Defining & Adopting a Growth Mindset

This week on the #shiftyestribe I'm outlining a growth mindset vs fixed mindset, aka grit & resilience. It's so important in business for teams and leaders to be talking about and building growth mindsets. Specifically with giving and receiving feedback, embracing and adapting to change, vulnerability, and overcoming obstacles. Having a growth mindset will level up how you show up in your work, relationships, personal goals, professional development, just about every aspect of life.

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