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“Your work is so impactful, how do we keep this going?” is the #1 question Galen hears from teams and organizations he works with.

One of the hardest parts of maintaining excellent team culture and leadership is keeping things top of mind as people return to their ‘regular’ work. Sustaining a shift in mindset and behavior requires intention and consistency. We know many teams don't have the time or resources to address this on a regular basis. Many have asked, here’s our answer: #shiftyestribe delivers high-level content quickly and FREE.

February ‘19 focus: saying yes

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Week 1: Saying Yes

Our focus this month is "Saying Yes.” Use this content with your team to build skills, engage in discussions, and create a culture of saying yes.

3 Easy Ways’ Blog Post

Tools for your team to put ‘saying yes’ into practice.

Click here for Galen’s “3 Easy Ways” blog post and video that quickly unpacks these bullet points and HOW to put saying yes into practice in a way that will massively impact customer and employee experience.

1) Be willing to challenge your initial reaction.
2) Tell me more about that.
3) Is there another version of yes here?

Week 2: Saying Yes

Galen addresses the challenges, misconceptions, and common pushback around building a culture of saying yes. CLICK HERE to visit this post on our blog page.

Common challenges of building a culture of saying yes.