Meet the shift yes team


Kari Schuhknecht

Kari is our rockstar Business Manager, specializing in client communications as well as keeping the train on track and on time. She handles more than any other single human could, and crushes it on the daily.

Kari received her BA in political science from PSU with an emphasis on public service and a minor in business. Kari has always had a love for working with people and has been volunteering in her community since high school. When Kari isn’t at the office she enjoys practicing yoga, reading, writing poetry, and spending time with loved ones.

"Puns are my game, come get some."


marvin _jei_morazan_shift_yes_team.png

Marvin J. Morazan

Marvin "Jei" Morazan is our incredibly talented Multimedia Director, producing and creating all of our photo, video, and visual content to showcase what we do.

Originally from Honduras, he's been in the U.S for five years. While here he's learned fluent English and earned his AAS in video production and photography from Portland Community College. Marvin enjoys engaging in any and every outdoor activity, especially hiking with his wife and capturing photos of the beautiful essence of nature.

"Let me pay for lunch, I have my own office."


Lewis Davidson

Lewis is our Social/Digital Media Marketing Guru helping bring Galen’s message about the Shift Yes mindset and the “Yes, And” principles about leadership and culture out to clients, the community, and the Shift Yes Tribe.

Originally from Florida, Lewis moved to the Portland area in September of 2016 with his wife and daughter. When not staying up to date on the latest SEO and social media trends Lewis enjoys being a mobile DJ and exploring Oregon.

“Good DJs never die, they just crossfade away!”