Team & Leadership Workshops

Galen’s unique workshops immediately and permanently transform the way teams and leaders perform in business. Participants gain tools to create a “Yes, And” culture of improved leadership and communication to establish cohesive, highly-engaged teams. 

I believe that the “Yes, and..” was one of the most recognizable, implimentable, and introspective workshops I’ve ever participated in. The likelihood of using it is 100% and it was incredibly applicable to our day-to-day, thank you so much! Just Brilliant!
— Participant, Barlean's Leadership Summit

High-Level Impact

Through experience-based learning and relatable activities, Galen will transform your people’s behavior and mindsets, resulting in more connected, emotionally intelligent, supportive teams focused on making each other look good. Organizations looking to elevate their leaders and teams greatly benefit from working with Galen, providing tools for them to drive culture, enhance performance, strengthen leadership, navigate conflict, adapt and lead through change, and bring out the best in each other.

Galen brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm that was contagious. He was able to get everybody involved and excited about shifting from a standard “no” response to saying “Yes, And,” as well as being more mindful about how their actions affect others. Since the sessions, I continue to hear positive feedback about Galen and I witness a changed attitude in our employees. Who would have thought a two hour session could make such a difference!
— Kirk Kelly, Associate VP & CIO, Portland State University


Tailored leadership & team workshops

Galen provides outstanding results to teams and leaders from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, leveraging his expertise to tailor the content to your specific group. He will gain a thorough understanding of your team dynamics, challenges and objectives to allow him to develop curriculum that aligns with your objectives. Following the workshop, Galen will provide resources and coaching on the implementation of his concepts and tools to ensure long-lasting transformation. 

Through Galen's workshops your teams will:

  • Understand how to communicate and influence others with the tools of “Yes, And.”

  • Learn to be present, connected, and fully engaged in their communications.

  • Embrace a collaborative team culture of support and strive to make others look good.

  • Adapt positively to change, be receptive to new ideas, and navigate conflict more easily.

  • Take responsibility for the way they show up and contribute every day.

Contact Galen now to discuss your objectives and the impact he can have on your leaders and teams. For more info, click HERE for Galen’s “Yes, And” Manifesto which is what his work is based on.