client Testimonials

Galen has had the pleasure of working with many amazing brands. Here's what they have to say:



“Galen’s session with my extended leadership team was both fun and impactful. His core message of harnessing the principles of improv to enable a stronger, higher-performing team was very well received. He delivers the content in a way that is interactive, uplifting, and exudes positive energy. The leaders on my team enjoyed the experience so much, I subsequently brought Galen in again to allow my entire organization to share in Galen’s insights and energy. This session was well worth the investment. Thank you, Galen!”

- Eileen Johnston, CFO Worldwide Services, Microsoft


“The core of Galen’s genius is that he disguises deep work that all companies and leaders need to do as simple lessons that anyone can learn - and should learn because it will not just make them a better leader, they'll be a better human being as well. Galen is a phenomenal force and a much-needed voice in the conversations that are going on about corp culture. Some of the work that Galen does with teams is immediately apparent in how your teams change their conversations. The bigger work and the tougher stuff becomes apparent over time - and it's worth investing in.”

- Christine Wilcox, VP of Communications & Education, Albertsons Companies


“Galen’s unique approach to shifting culture is fun, simple, and extremely high impact. His ability to get 100% of the room quickly engaged, relaxed, and leaning into the experience makes him truly one of a kind. My team walked away immediately changing their approach to how they operate as one team, stay positive, get more engaged, and find paths to yes. I’ve never left a training session where I’ve heard so much positive and immediate impact made in such a short period of time. We are better today than we were yesterday as a result of our experience with Galen.”

- Christian Gerron, VP of Sales & Service, North America, Expedia

Portland State University

"We have engaged with Galen and Shift Yes twice over the past year. At both sessions, Galen brought a level of excitement and enthusiasm that was contagious. We had a large group (over 100 people) for one of the sessions and he was able to get everybody involved and excited about shifting from a standard “no” response to saying “Yes, And,” as well as being more mindful about how their actions affect others. Since the sessions, I continue to hear positive feedback about Galen and I witness a changed attitude in our employees. Who would have thought a two hour session could make such a difference!"

- Kirk Kelly, Associate Vice President & CIO, Portland State University

Bank of the Pacific

“Galen kicked off our Annual Bank Management Retreat with our entire team of officers. The change in how our people interacted with one another after working with Galen was unbelievable. Our whole team was leaning in, saying yes, being positive, collaborative, and fully engaged while tackling a number of important strategic initiatives. The success of our management retreat was increased tenfold because of Galen’s work, and our managers absolutely loved it! Thanks a million for your help, and the effect you’ve had on our team.”

-Drew Wilkens – Executive Vice President, Bank of the Pacific


“I had the great pleasure of attending Galen’s keynote presentations at our two West Coast all area meetings in San Francisco and Seattle. Galen made a tremendous impression on the groups of 500 at each day long session. I recommend Galen’s work and passion on the subject of managing our communications in daily life. His work is powerful and he has practical tips we can all use every day in being better at our jobs.”

- Bill Concannon – CEO, CBRE | Global Workplace Solutions


“Galen delivers a completely unique style of communication training utilizing improv and HR methodology that immediately captures the attention of the audience and doesn’t let go until the end. Participants walk away energized and ready to put his tools to practice. This training is highly recommended for every level within an organization, where Galen’s “Yes, And” philosophy can help improve any business that puts customers and employees first. The presentation was so entertaining and informative that I immediately booked him to present at our annual SHRM meeting.”

- Jason Lewis, HR Director, Cascade Job Corps, SIHRMA Chapter President

Ann Sacks

“Both anecdotally and based on our post summit survey, Galen was a huge hit! Here are just a few words our sales leaders had to say. “I loved the speaker. He really made you think differently about how you approach business as well as things in my personal life.” Another sales leader suggested that we have a companywide event for all associates across all departments, so that we could experience together the learning and evolution Galen facilitates! Galen and Kari were great to work with and very thorough and professional in their approach to our event. I wholeheartedly recommend Galen for both the content of his message and his interactive, engaging and memorable delivery.

- Diane Gilmore, Training Manager, Ann Sacks

Whatcom Educational Credit Union

"Galen made complex and nuanced topics accessible to each participant, evoked 100% participation, and tangibly increased our positivity. The idea that I am responsible for the experience of talking to me has been ringing in my ears since the conference. This is already influencing my behavior at home and at work. I appreciate Galen modeling what it looks like to make others look good, the power of enthusiastic response to elicit participation, and how enjoyable it is to interact with others when input is celebrated."

- Emily Ufkes, Corporate Trainer, Whatcom Educational Credit Union

Western WA

“Galen was a spectacular choice for our conference keynote! He captured the attention and participation of the audience right from the start, fostering an engaged, electric environment in really interactive ways. From the front of the room to the back, participants were engaged and the energy and mood continued to rise in a synergistic and positive manner. Galen’s high-energy delivery kept his time with us alive and had the group laughing while providing meaningful takeaways. His keynote inspires, engages, and empowers others to act. The feedback from attendees about Galen was stellar! Truly amazing!”

- Christina Van Wingerden, Assessment, Training & SP Manager, WWU