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Digital Content Ninja - Overview & Job Details

We are looking for a digital content ninja to join our team who is exceptional at managing digital content and social media. We value attitude as much as ability, you must possess a positive growth mindset, strong emotional intelligence, be a fantastic communicator, be remarkably organized and have a strong drive to get shit done.

The job will mainly involve managing and coordinating our newsletter, social media channels, online community, online marketing, and generating some written content. We are looking for someone who is sharp, knows their stuff, loves to learn, and pays impeccable attention to detail.

Who we are and what our work is about

Our company, Shift Yes, is led by Galen Emanuele. Galen is a professional speaker who delivers keynotes at conferences and works directly with teams inside organizations to improve leadership, communication, and team culture.

Some quick details about our culture and work environment:

  • We love and are dedicated to the work we do. It’s meaningful and has great impact.

  • We place high value on team culture and how we show up to perform our roles, communicate, and impact each other. We are about being kind, honest, direct, and crushing it in business.

  • We strike a good balance of hustling and being pretty laid back; we take our work seriously but not ourselves. We do rad shit and have fun while doing it.  

  • We swear sometimes. For you to be a good fit, that has to be something you can hang with.

  • Being just good enough doesn’t cut it. We strive to be exceptional in our work and how we show up, it’s a requirement to be on this team.

Some traits that you must possess to fit the bill:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. This is not a suggestion, it’s a must.

  • Extremely proficient in social media, have experience with online marketing, copywriting, publishing blogs, and email campaigns (we use MailChimp).

  • Flexible and adaptable; you thrive in a fast paced environment where you may have to wear several hats and things can change on a dime.

  • Super organized and pay meticulous attention to every last tiny detail.

  • Ability to take full ownership of a project from strategy and planning to execution and follow-through.  

  • Self sufficient, resourceful, resilient, and determined: “If a way doesn't exist, I will make a way.”

  • A proactive self-starter. A strong sense of taking initiative and moving forward without waiting to be told what to do and how to do it.

  • Know your audience, adapt your style, and understand the appropriate tone and voice to use across a variety of platforms.

  • Make sure your showing up every day with a great attitude.

  • You noticed that we just used the wrong you’re and it bothered you.

Our top priorities are that you are A) a good fit for our company and you mesh with our team, B) you’re a no-bones “I get shit done” kind of person, and C) you rock at what you do.

Job Description (mostly but not exclusively)

  • Manage brand communication through our newsletter, social media, and online community.

  • Strategically grow our online audience and increase visibility.

  • Generate written content for marketing, website, social media, and possibly blog articles depending on your writing ability.

  • Lead online projects and new initiatives.

About our team and the company

We are experiencing rapid, sustained growth and we operate with the mindset and nimbleness of a start up. We are small but mighty, and the way we show up and work together as a team is absolutely in line with the culture that we help other organizations and teams create. We look for every way to say yes, we listen, we make each other look great, we embrace change and failure, and we bring positive energy to each other and the office.

We want this to be a job that you look forward to where you can grow, be challenged, and have fun while doing things that you are skilled at and love. We have big, exciting projects on the horizon and if you’re awesome, we want you to be part of our badass team.

Hours & Compensation

40hrs/week, exact schedule is flexible with opportunities to work from home occasionally. The starting wage is $45k/year plus benefits and additional bonuses. We are looking to hire someone locally so you must be in Portland, OR.

If all of this sounds like you, send a cover letter and your resume to kari(at) and CC galen(at) and we’ll be in touch.