Galen Emanuele

Keynote Speaker & Team Culture Expert

Galen is an international speaker who works with teams to create a profound shift in how teams and leaders communicate and show up in business. His unique, interactive keynotes and programs teach organizations how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to drive an exceptional team culture of high-level performance and engagement.

An expert in business leadership, Galen is also a world-class improviser, having taught and performed for many years including with the cast from Whose Line Is It Anyway? Experience why many Fortune 500 companies and conferences bring him back again and again.

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Galen’s keynote inspires, engages, and empowers others to act. The feedback from attendees about Galen was stellar. Truly amazing!
— Christina Van Wingerden, Western WA University
The leaders on my team enjoyed the experience so much, I subsequently brought Galen in again to allow my entire organization to share in Galen’s insights and energy.
— Eileen Johnston, Microsoft
Galen’s ability to get 100% of the room engaged, relaxed, and leaning into the experience makes him truly one of a kind. I’ve never left a training session where I’ve heard so much positive and immediate impact made in such a short period of time.
— Christian Gerron, Expedia

Along with his world class keynotes, Galen also works directly with teams and organizations. He permanently transforms the way teams and leaders show up, communicate, and perform together in business. Creating a “Yes, And” culture of cohesive, highly-engaged awesomeness.

Our Yes, And Galen episodes are a behind the scenes glimpse into Galen and the work he does with teams and organizations. Documenting Galen's travels and speaking events with clips from keynotes, Galen waxing about leadership and team culture, and anything else we deem as fun, fast, and valuable. Enjoy.

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