Stop Being so Precious About Time Off


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Reality check: The most important thing in employee’s lives is not to work for their company.

Stop being so precious about granting time off, paid or not. Give people a chance to enjoy life and hit refresh. [Tweet this]

The most important thing in employees’ lives is not to work for their company.

Granting time off is a critical aspect of maintaining engaged, productive employees. It’s not always possible in every situation, but actively look for a way to say yes to time off whenever you can. It’s often very easy to find a way to coordinate or make up their work and ensure nothing gets missed. Especially if it’s leaving early in an afternoon to go to a concert, or taking a day to make a three day weekend, etc.

It’s a huge benefit as an employer to give people the chance to step away and enjoy their lives. The result is them coming back happier, more loyal, and showing up to work firing on all cylinders. 

Receiving time off as an employee means more than just time to refill their cup: Every employee wants to be considered and feel like their work-life balance is a priority for their company. This pays dividends, employees who feel cared about as humans return the favor in effort and productivity, no question.

Also, this isn’t just for employees. 

There isn’t enough that can be said for entrepreneurs and business owners to take time off, take a beat, and hit reset. For me personally, I love the work I do and barely notice when I put in a 12 hour day. I’m an entrepreneur through and through. I love putting in the work and it is extremely rewarding.

I also know that the times when I pause to do nothing, step away and unplug for a bit are when I have some of my most creative, profound ideas, moments, and clarity about my business. 

You can’t give from an empty cup. Take time off, grant time off, encourage positive work-life balance. In return, you’ll be rewarded with employees who are loyal, happier, and more productive. Everyone wins. [Tweet this]

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