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Galen’s dynamic, interactive keynotes have participants constantly raving that it was the best, most memorable keynote they’ve ever seen and like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. It’s music to our ears, and something we hear a lot.

Also on this page, the impact of his team workshops for organizations around exceptional culture and leadership. Watch Galen’s TEDx talk, enjoy our “Yes, And Galen” episodes, and his 60 second ‘Like It Is’ snippets, waxing about all things business, leadership, and team culture.

Team Workshops

Galen’s TedX Talk

Yes, And Galen

Our Yes, And Galen episodes are a fun behind the scenes glimpse into Galen and his work with teams and organizations. These document Galen's travels and speaking events with clips from keynotes, and include him waxing about leadership, team culture, and anything else we deem as fun, fast, and valuable. Enjoy!

Episode 3: Receiving information, hiring leaders, and practicing kindness.

Episode 2: Treat your people amazingly, and for the love of Pete, fire shitty employees.

Our very first episode: Culture and the way you've always done things.

Like It Is

Galen talking everything from culture, leadership, innovation, to hiring & firing; in under 60 seconds. These are his most recent and/or favorite episodes.

Watch more Like It Is episodes below or over on our blog page.